About Silvia

A Shamanic Practitioner to Help You Achieve a Balanced Life

Shamanic Energy Healing is led by Silvia Chacon, our shamanic practitioner. Silvia is a three year graduate from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and is currently taking her two-year teacher training with Sandra Ingerman. Silvia provides energy healing for individuals who want to lessen their anxiety and feel more relaxed. This also allows people to be more connected with their soul and to nature.

What Makes Us Special

Our practitioner is dedicated to fulfilling her calling as a shaman and aims to help each client restore balance and attain spiritual growth in his or her life. Silvia also has extensive experience and knowledge of shamanism, so you can trust that she will provide you with excellent services and give you the assistance you desire. Silvia has her own unique shamanic medicine energy like no others.

Our Core Values

We ensure that we give all of our customers the proper care while they are going through the process of spiritual healing. Our team also works hard to understand each client’s individual needs to have a better grasp of how to address their concerns and help them grow spiritually to lead a life of harmony.